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Researching Your Market Prior to Product Launch

February 22, 2021

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Market research is a crucial step in product development and one of the most important aspects of the product development process. If your product or service already exists, product research will tell you whether the options available on the market meet the needs and expectations of your existing customers. At this stage of the product development process, you can conduct product research that helps you identify key issues and thus avoid costly mistakes. Initial product research helps you to evaluate your idea or new products / services and see if there is a need for them. What are the potential customers you are looking for and what does this idea / new products / services need? The buyer persona research gives you an insight into what your target group does, what their challenges are, why they want your product / service and what they need from your company / brand.


Market segmentation research allows you to categorize your target group according to certain defined characteristics. This way you can learn about their goals, understand their pain points and expectations and find effective ways to meet their needs. Market research gives you a better understanding of what your target audience expects from your company, including what they want from you. If you are thinking of starting a new business or releasing new updates to your product / service, you need to do market research to test the viability of your idea. Otherwise, you may find yourself wasting time and resources on a solution that no one wants or needs, or worse, on a product or service that you don't have.


Market research can also help you understand what your customers like or dislike about your current product or service. You can use these insights to improve your existing product, build on its strengths and limit its weaknesses. You can use this knowledge in the marketing campaigns and strengthen your future product offering. Market research is one of a number of methods that can help companies do everything from introducing new product packaging to picking channels for ads. Simply put, it is when an organization identifies all the information and questions it needs to answer to make successful and profitable changes to its business.

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