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Provider Networks for Patient Recruitment

August 21, 2020

Checking Blood Pressure

Patient recruitment is one of the biggest challenges faced by those involved in the conduct of clinical trials. Sponsors often face lengthy delays in meeting their enrollment targets and 50% of research sites selected to participate in a trial end up enrolling only 1 or 0 patient. And yet 85% of patients are unaware or unsure that participation in clinical trials is an option. So where’s the disconnect?


Being armed with data that provides insights into the best study collaborators is an important first step. This helps both sponsors and sites make the best decision with respect to site selection and study participation. Platforms like Plexome are making this a quick, efficient and intelligent process Furthermore, whereas phase I and II trials are often restricted to relatively small-scale research settings with good infrastructure, phase III and IV studies are typically conducted over wider areas where health care and the intervention in question are delivered through routine health systems. A variety of service providers may be involved, including public, private-for-profit, private-not-for-profit, and community-based providers. It is widely recognized that there is a disconnect between clinical care and research. Community physicians are largely uninvolved in the clinical research process and many healthcare professionals do not receive training in research methods. However community physician offices are also one of the best source of information for late phase trials, and therefore third parties that are able to establish successful physician and patient networks that sponsors can tap into for their post marketing studies, have a distinct advantage of being an efficient service provider in this domain.


One such network is ClinicalMatch’s Provider Network. ClinicalMatch leverages the power of technology, data and a large network of providers to provide timely and efficient patient trial matching services.  Their unique model makes it simpler for sponsors and principal investigators to attract and retain both patients and physicians, ensuring better success and greater efficiency.

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