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Instant Messaging
File Storage

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100 GB

Global Community Access
Collaboration Circles
Workspace Chat
Attachment Sharing
Role-based Access
System Notifications
Marketplace Listing
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Marketplace Request Alert
Usage Analytics
HIPAA-Compliant Cloud
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Plexus Core Features

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Advanced Features

Profile Import
Custom Dashboard Enabled

We have more to provide...

Enhance your individual plan with the following services or simply ask for a free demo.



Registry Management

Registry Profile
Registry Record Management
Role-based Access
Public Access Forms
Electronic Data Capture
Custom Forms
Bulk Data Import and Export
Analytics & Dashboard

Marketplace Exchange

Store Specific Configuration
Easy and Intuitive Search
Request For Information Tracking
Custom Forms
Single Process Across Repositories
System Notifications
Bulk Data Import and Export
Analytics & Trends

Sponsor Portal

Project Specific Configuration
Interactive Results Dashboard
Instant Connection and Collaboration
Comprehensive Insight
System Notifications
Bulk Data Import and Export
Custom Forms
Analytics & Metrics


We want to make it easy for you to manage your data and processes in Plexome whether it is for a collaborative initiative, registry, or your inventory. While manual data entry, standard reports and export options are always available to you, we can also help you with:

  • Custom dashboards and analytics

  • Automated integrations with external and internal systems

  • Data migrations

  • Project-specific registry setup

  • Custom workflows and business processes

  • And more!

Benefits of hosting on Plexome's cloud
Fully HIPAA compliant
Get access to Plexome's global community consisting of hundreds of institutions
Immediate access to latest features
No hardware, no maintenance... we take care of everything
Top questions about Plexome pricing

Are your subscriptions billed monthly or annually?

All of our subscriptions are billed on an annual basis and may offer a discount depending on the number of services you have purchased. Contact our sales team and they will be able to provide you the best deal.

Do you offer a trial period?

Yes! You are welcome to register for a free account at any time and explore the basic functionality available to all members. Should you wish to take one of our paid services for a spin, just let us know and we will gladly set you up with a trial account.

How do I buy and pay?

We pride ourselves on providing personalized service to all our clients. Once you have and your Plexome representative have explored plans that are best suited for you, an invoice will be issued and you will have the option to pay via credit card, bank transfer, or check.

Still have more questions?

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