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Interview: Our CEO Chats With The SuperbCrew Team

December 12, 2018


Below is an excerpt from our CEO, Priti Sahai's recent interview with SuperbCrew, a leading business news website covering innovative companies – sharing news, experience and knowledge from the tech and business world.


Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Plexome?

A: Yes, of course. At its core, Plexome connects researchers from around the globe and makes collaborating on projects easier and hassle-free. Clinical research is essentially a team sport –the healthcare community is joined on a common mission to deliver upon the promise of bringing new discoveries to the point of patient care. We achieve our greatest potential by working together and sharing knowledge, data and inventory, but that is also our biggest challenge which is why more than 80% research projects fail before they ever get tested in humans and it still takes nearly 15 years and $2.5 billion to bring one treatment to market.

Whether it is the need to brainstorm on an idea with a specific person or group, seek appropriate resources for a research project, share documents and thoughts, or work together to gather data sets that will aid in generating greater insights and providing better patient care – researchers should be able to do this without having to deal with the complex infrastructural, operational and technical aspects of working collaboratively every time one has an idea or new project or even a need as simple as wanting a secure, professional exchange with peers across boundaries. Our cloud-based platform enables a global community of sponsors, sites, researchers and scientists to connect easily, collaborate efficiently and share securely. Plexome empowers researchers so they can focus on the science and the collaborative partnerships and not have to worry about the mechanics of the process.



Read the full interview here 

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