Our mission is to accelerate clinical innovation through a connected universe that enables timely and intelligent decisions.

Dawn of a New Era of Personalized Medicine

While the practice of medicine has always been personalized to a patient’s condition, the number and preciseness of variables that have been demonstrated to have an impact on the patient’s outcome, has increased tremendously over time. 


Challenges of a Fragmented System


However a big challenge that remains is that the ecosystem is highly siloed and the needs of precision medicine -- from research to practice -- are extremely specific and therefore entails a search that goes beyond the traditional means of finding appropriate matches. 

Plexome - Connecting the Healthcare Universe


Our global community and instant access to information ensures that intelligent decisions can be made in a timely manner and provides what has so far been a missing link within the research community – a link that facilitates discoveries and helps the practice of precision medicine take a giant leap forward.


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Passionate about improving patient care through innovative technology

Co-founder and CEO

Priti Sahai

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Eager to transform the way sponsors and sites collaborate

VP Business Development

Kevin Forney

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Championing the use of novel and immersive technologies in healthcare

Specialist, Clinical Programs

Sakti Srivastava

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Ardent supporter of transparency and collaboration in clinical initiatives

Finance and Operations Advisor

Farideh Eshagh

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Dedicated to bridging the technology gap between vision and reality

Co-founder and COO

Umer Islah

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Committed to creating partnerships that drive successful outcomes

Business Champion

Lou Lazatin

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Transforming health through research and scientific exploration

Specialist, Scientific Collaborations

Catherine Seiler

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