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Successfully Navigating Product Market Fit 

How do you test whether you have reached the fit between the product and the market? A simple test and only one question.

Ride to Launch Site

Market Research and Product Launch

Product research is a crucial step in product development and one of the most important aspects of the product development process.

Checking Blood Pressure

Provider Networks for Patient Recruitment

Patient recruitment is one of the biggest challenges faced by those involved in the conduct of clinical trials. Sponsors often face...

Image by Georg Arthur Pflueger

The Rise of Virtual Care and Telehealth

Implementing telehealth not only helps physicians reach people in remote or rural areas who may not have access to a specific type...

Computer Robot

Using AI for Healthcare       

You may have heard said that Data is the new oil for this century. What oil did to move humanity forward over the last 100 years, the same is...

Sand Desert

4 Stages Of Epidemiologic Transition

A recent population-based cohort study explored variations in common diseases, related hospital admissions and mortality...

Support Group

Top 5 Benefits of Support Groups

Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide with significant impact on society. 

Scientist on Tablet

The Evolution of Virtual Biobanks

Access to biospecimens and related data has always been integral to ensuring continued progress in translational medicine

Team High Five

Because Science Is A Team Sport

Collaborations are hard. Not because we lack the desire to collaborate and certainly not because we don’t know how to work together.

Test Tubes

Deciphering Endpoints, Biomarkers & Surrogates

One of the primary aims of a clinical trial is to demonstrate effectiveness of the intervention being studied. 

Seniors Socializing

Creating An Engaging Experience

One of the biggest challenges faced by researchers today is the ability to recruit patients and to retain them for the duration of the study. 

Nurse And Patient

6 Common (But Easily Avoided) Risks 

Analysts report that more than 90% of all drug candidates entering the pipeline fail to make it to FDA approval and commercialization.

Team Meeting

Selecting Collaboration Tools for Productivity 

Wondering how to choose the best collaboration tool to enhance team productivity? Companies should choose software that ...

A woman reading on her tablet device

Telehealth and Senior Care

Video-based telehealth has proven to be an effective way for clinicians to conduct visits  that meet the requirements for...

Diverse Group Cheering

COVID-19 and Race: What does data tell us?

Considering the disease impacts all people the same it is not a stretch to say that resources and quality of affordable health care is...

Scientist on Computer

Uncompromised Quality Control: Biomedica CRO

Biomedica CRO's ability to procure high-quality specimens in a short timeframe at affordable costs is well recognized by their partners.

Business Partners at Work

Shared Workspace for Clinical Trials

As featured in Infoivy: ""Plexome is the perfect solutions for a network of researchers, CROs, and institutions to tie together the doers,collaborators...

Analyzing the data

Paint A Picture: Effective Data Visualization

Exponentially increasing data volumes have created a challenge for us in making meaningful use of that information. 

Legal Research and Writing

Importance of Planned Protocol Authoring

An excerpt from our recent  article published in the April 2019 issue of ACRP’s Clinical Researcher



Interview: Our CEO Chats With SuperbCrew

An excerpt from our CEO, Priti Sahai's recent interview with SuperbCrew, a leading business news website covering innovative companies


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Role of Imaging in Precision Medicine

Green Thumb

A Gift That Keeps Giving: Clinical Registry

A registry is “a place where data, records, or laboratory samples are kept and usually are made available for research or comparative study”.

Nurse Taking Notes

Untapping The Potential Of EDC

The past decade has seen a rise in the use of EDC systems across the board for studies of varying phases, types, and complexity. 

Lab Experiment

The Best Of Times, The Worst Of Times

There is no doubt that the promise of what translational research can contribute towards the care and treatment of patients is huge.

Missing Piece

Incorporating Needs Assessment 

You think you know what the customer wants. And you kick off a new product or service launch, and you are 100% sure...

Child at Psychologist

Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) refers to a range of conditions characterized by some degree of impaired social interaction...

Image by Jude Beck

The Mental Health Crisis

The US is coming up on three months of its battle against Coronavirus. In the shadows, the nation is fighting another battle...


2020 Trends in Digital Healthcare

Your social media and inbox probably has a few articles making predictions about the future of everything from movies to politics to fashion trends.

Black Puzzle Pieces

Unleashing Healthcare Data from Silos

One of the biggest issues in healthcare research is the inability of researchers to obtain meaningful healthcare related data easily. 

Hands Up

Diversity In Clinical Trials 

With an increasing focus on personalization of medicine in all aspects of patient care, it is more important than ever to ensure...

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And The Award Goes To... Members Choice Top 6

We asked our community what they liked most about the benefits they experienced in 2018 using Plexome’s platform. 

Natural Medicine

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

A diverse group of treatments has been in use for hundreds of years but is still embroiled in debate between staunch supporters on the one hand 

Organized Files

Centralized Electronic Document Repository

The concept of having a centralized repository of documents for clinical research projects isn’t a novel one. 

Going Over Data

Finding Structure In An Unstructured World

The practice of medicine builds upon a foundation based on observations and findings from past cases and research projects. 


Defining Plexome

Noun | plex·ome  | \ˈplek-ˌsōm\

Wondering what Plexome means?

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