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2020 Trends in Digital Healthcare

January 27, 2020


Your social media and inbox probably has a few articles making predictions about the future of everything from movies to politics to fashion trends. You can safely skip those or save them for reading on a flight. This post is not one of them! :) Here I would like to invite you to spend a few minutes to read the gist of how digital transformation will influence delivery of healthcare and clinical trials in 2020.

Recently the much-anticipated paper on health care trends in 2020 was dropped by Deloitte - one of the most respected organizations that tracks changes in healthcare related areas recently. This post borrows heavily from this paper.

One of the most important transformations that will continue to pick up speed in 2020 will be the use of data for diagnosis and analysis of health related data. More advanced technologies, such as NLP (Natural Language Processing) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) will find wider acceptance. Data interoperability becomes more than an afterthought since cost of hosting and managing data would skyrocket and technical leaders in the healthcare space will adopt use of Data-as-a-Platform to manage the cost (and effort). It is highly recommended that all new data products you consider and purchase for your organization consume and produce data that is interoperable with other tools. Data interoperability will be critical for an organization to demonstrate leadership, streamline operations and increase consumer engagement.


" Despite numerous challenges, there has been considerable progress in digital transformation of health care, which we expect will continue in 2020 and beyond. With digital finding traction, the health care systems will witness a shift in data management from storing data sets to extracting insights that can be monetized and support opportunity areas including population health management and value-based care. Amidst this growth, there are challenges to digitization in health care—posed by outdated legacy platforms, cost and complexity of new technologies, and constantly evolving business needs and scenarios—and cybersecurity will continue to remain a prime concern. "

-- From: Deloitte 2020 Health Care Outlook

Some of the other key takeaways are

● Disruption in financial operations and the creation of value as more and more companies jump in the field of managing health care payments.

● With new technologies, the entire health care model will keep transforming itself with more at-home monitoring and growth of usage of IoMT (Internet of Medical Things).

● New models for employment in the health care sector- 2020 will see wider acceptance of gig-economy jobs. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities will use the “Uber” model for getting certain tasks done.




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