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Individual Researchers

Whether it is the need to communicate with a person or group, seek appropriate resources, share documents, or work together to gather data sets that will aid in generating greater insights for research questions – researchers should be able to do this without having to deal with the complex infrastructural, operational and technical aspects of working collaboratively every time one has an idea, project or need for a professional discussion. 

Plexome provides a hassle-free and secure platform for researchers to connect, communicate and collaborate. Watch the platform in action.


Research Sites

As research becomes increasingly complex, developing an effective and compliant research program requires coordination and input from an interdisciplinary team of experts. Reinvent your network with centralized discussions, documentation and data capture, and real-time online collaboration that goes beyond departmental and institutional boundaries.

A HIPAA-compliant, secure and scalable platform delivers Plexome to your fingertips. We take care of providing a complete solution for managing your research networks so you can focus on your science.

Check out the top benefits cited by our community. 


Patient-focused Groups

Like most patient-focused groups, Plexome is founded on the firm belief that collaborations and knowledge sharing would occur a lot more often if it was just easier to do so. Our common platform makes the community aware of these information silos and allows the seekers to connect and communicate directly with the owners of the knowledge base they are interested in. Researchers can now easily scale their collaborative outreach and work together with others across the globe in a secure and compliant manner and without having to jump through technical hoops. 

Read how Michael J. Fox Foundation and Plexome are working together to make biospecimens and datasets more accessible for clinical innovation.


Sponsors and CROs

An environment where research and discovery flourish without impediment is critical to continuous innovation. There are a lot of details that the life sciences industry must get right to ensure a successful project outcome – worrying about connecting with the right resources at the right time shouldn’t be one of them.

For that, there's Plexome.

Looking for sites or researchers to collaborate with? Need resources for your trial? Instantly access a wide network of experts, initiatives, datasets, biorepositories and other resources needed for your projects. Find, connect and request in seconds. 


Multi-site Networks

Collaborations are challenging for the clinical and scientific community due to a combination of reasons – these projects are complex, often have specific requirements that cannot be compromised, and require active participation by multiple stakeholders making unique contributions along the way. A missing link can make the difference between success and failure. 

Plexome creates streamlined research ecosystems by facilitating:

  • Management of unified networks of members, sites and other resources

  • Team-based project workspaces for collaborative initiatives

  • Comprehensive clinical and administrative registry management

  • Data and biospecimen sharing and request management

Learn more about our vision for a connected research universe. 


Private Networks

Without a doubt, seamless access to experts, data and other resources helps accelerate research and the pace of clinical innovation. However, we understand that sometimes there is a need for configurations that are very specific to your unique network or initiative. Our platform has been architected to accommodate the need for private Plexome networks while still being able to interact with the global Plexome community through a unique private-public cloud solution. 

Discover how we are empowering sites, sponsors and researchers in their common quest for new innovations through efficient communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing.


Professional Services

We want to make it easy for you to manage your data and processes in Plexome whether it is for a collaborative initiative, registry, or your inventory. While manual data entry, standard reports and export options are always available to you, we can also help you with:

  • Custom dashboards and analytics

  • Automated integrations with external and internal systems

  • Data migrations

  • Project-specific registry setup

  • Custom workflows and business processes

  • And more!

Contact us to explore options that are right for you.

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