Data meets Strategy

The power of intelligent decision-making at your fingertips.

Unparalleled insights for healthcare businesses.

Plexome is accelerating the pace of clinical innovation by enabling instant access to insightful information and data-driven analytics. Achieve successful outcomes and substantial cost savings.

"What used to take months now takes minutes --- saving precious time, money and patient lives." - Lou Lazatin, former CEO, Saint John's Health Center






Lives Impacted

Transforming The Decision-making Process

Because designing a successful strategy requires insightful data, intelligent recommendations and deep domain expertise.




Set a strong foundation

Whether you are looking to start a new program, study or business - being armed with comprehensive insights about your threats, opportunities and potential partners sets you on the right path.

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Improve your processes and collaborations

From needs assessments to solution roadmaps, Plexome's experts are here to review, analyze and advise.

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Create an efficient data ecosystem

Maximize the power of your data through streamlined strategies for sharing and interoperability.

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Gain insights from a vast network of shared datasets

Experience the ability to find, request and share knowledge, data and inventory instantly and securely.

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Our Commitment


We respect your privacy and ensure that all data is handled with care and is in complete control of the data owner.


Our secure platform encrypts data in transit and at rest to safeguard your personal and research data.


Plexome is deeply committed to providing a HIPAA-compliant environment for managing PHI and other sensitive information.

Need a helping hand?

  • Looking to migrate data or integrate systems?

  • Want to streamline your organization's data ecosystem?

  • Need some help in finding the plan that's right for you?

Let our support team help you!

Success Stories

Chosen by hundreds of organizations, from small groups to large multi-site networks, Plexome is enabling the health and wellness community to connect globally, collaborate easily and discover without impediment.

Collaboration made easy!

"Whether you are looking to collaborate with someone down the hall or across the globe, Plexome provides a centralized, secure and compliant platform with all the tools that you need to ensure that your collaborations are easy, efficient and real-time."

- Principal Investigator, Stanford University

Experience the ability to have instant access to data-driven intelligence

If you need help, our teams are right here for you.

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